Screams No Longer Trapped

“The screams of a thousand terrors come forth. Toxins of depression release and disperse when the screams are no longer trapped within the mind. Their escape surprisingly loud as they meet with the throes of despair. Soul laying bruised yet breathing once again. Frightened of loving in the face of failure but loving none the less for that is where the life of a true beating heart begins, loving another in spite of the pain. In defiance of fear. Foraging forward with the echoes of distant screams fading in the face of love’s light. The key is in knowing that the pain you have felt was likely inflicted from innocence of unknowing and not from a place of uncaring.”




It all starts somewhere….

For Simply Naka, it starts here.  Hello Word Press, thanks for making a room for me.  I am a woman living a crazy life, in a World made of madness.   You dear readers will be subjected to my ambitions, dreams, creative writings, experimental plans, family stories, daily happenings of interest, opinions and views.  Sometimes I will be happily celebrating life and others will see me serious, sad or grieving.  Good, Bad and Ugly…the real me, Simply Naka…putting it out there because maybe what I am doing in this life really does matter, to someone, somewhere.  Perhaps that smile offered will help lift a sad heart.  Maybe a thought will inspire a dream to become a reality.  Likely I will never know and that’s okay because the reasons for my writings and the reasons for you give time to reading them will be personal to us and us alone.