It all starts somewhere….

For Simply Naka, it starts here.  Hello Word Press, thanks for making a room for me.  I am a woman living a crazy life, in a World made of madness.   You dear readers will be subjected to my ambitions, dreams, creative writings, experimental plans, family stories, daily happenings of interest, opinions and views.  Sometimes I will be happily celebrating life and others will see me serious, sad or grieving.  Good, Bad and Ugly…the real me, Simply Naka…putting it out there because maybe what I am doing in this life really does matter, to someone, somewhere.  Perhaps that smile offered will help lift a sad heart.  Maybe a thought will inspire a dream to become a reality.  Likely I will never know and that’s okay because the reasons for my writings and the reasons for you give time to reading them will be personal to us and us alone.


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